What is social science?

Social sciences are the qualitative and quantitative data associated with the study of humans as individuals and in groups.

What do you do with it?

I’m writing a book.

I only work for other people. What do you need?

How can I use kaysmythe.com?

The data and articles released on this site use a combination of quant, qual, expert input, and instinct designed for trend forecasting, crisis mitigation, and assertion of the real state of affairs. Open-mindedness is key when reading and digesting the content, and questions and follow-up are massively welcome by the writer!

Kay guides her content by social and behavioral trends of others; if you’d like to help guide the output, please get in touch.

Why are you always naked?

People who can be naked with themselves, others, and publicly are significantly less likely to suffer from a range of mental health disorders… also I’m European, and clothes / fashion are stupid and destroying the world through consumerism.


Why is human behavior & capital important?

Understanding how to implement, guide, and transition human behaviors using micro- and macro-psychosocial messaging, internal and external marketing, pop culture, and policy linguistics is the only way to succeed in modern civilization, whether you’re a business, leader, or individual looking to stay ahead of your competitors.

Ascertaining solutions for repeating areas of failure and consistent issues in personal and professional pursuits starts with understanding individual motivations, reactance, biases, and every other aspect of lived experience that makes up individual human capital, and group social capital.

What is the purpose of the work?

To mitigate for impending societal collapse, note key areas of development and emerging economies, and to translate complex academic and scientific data into action.

Do you do private consulting?

Yes. Personal, professional, and project-based consulting is available. Please contact directly for more information.