About Kay

Kay Smythe was born in Swansea, Wales, and started her career with Guardian Travel, aged 11. She lied about her age and consistently published short-form travel articles as her parents and she spent a majority of their time traveling to dangerous, affordable, and bizarre parts of the world, or talking about them. Throughout her adolescence, Kay worked as a journalist, covering topics like the war on drugs, drug legalization, climate change, and local interest stories linked to the ongoing corruption within political and educational leadership in Swansea, and then in Plymouth, England, where she attended university. While completing school, college, and university, Kay worked as an international print and runway model, part-time dispensing optician, and spent nights working on Swansea’s notorious Wind Street as a club door-girl, and then in Plymouth's alternative music scene. It was during her youth that Kay realized she fundamentally hated society and everything the human species had normalized, and decided to dedicate the rest of her existence to researching, commentating, and changing the systems designed to destroy us all. 

Wonky’s first photoshoot with @JSRphotos

Wonky’s first photoshoot with @JSRphotos

In 2011, she was fired from her position as editor for Gower College Magazine for promoting the use of MDMA and Cannabis for veteran mental health; both the Obama and Trump Administrations have awarded Kay with specialist visas as a result of her work in promoting the legalization of cannabis for veterans (amongst other things). In addition to this, MedMen made Kay the featured “Face” of their launch campaign in 2017, putting her imagery across Southern California in locations such as LAX, The Whisky A Go-Go, Sunset Strip, and the 101 in Venice Beach. Similar lived experiences have occurred in her professional pursuit of: unconscious bias mitigation, common sense climate change adaptation, and macro-mental health improvements. 

Her expertise are backed by published research with Huffington Post, The Tab, Rooster Magazine, Cannabis Industry Journal, 99Designs, Historically Black Colleges & Universities Research Magazine, Yes I’m Right, Liberal America, What’s On, Underemployed Life, Variety Digital Features, and a handful of other international press outlets. She has ghostwritten and consulted for more than 5,000 PhD candidates studying climate change and/or humanities, resulting in enough work being completed to grant her three “doctorates” in climate change, organizational psychology, sociology. She has consulted for, lead research teams, or conducted human data analysis with start-ups and private sector corporations in technology, cannabis, political groups, nonprofits, architectural organizations, renewable emerging, entertainment, and SaaS companies across the world. 

Completely unrelated to her professional experience in writing and research, Kay’s modeling and influencer status has been featured by Maxim, Vogue Italia, South Wales Tourism, Fashion Week UK, and others. Through no effort on her part, Kay was one of three feature models in the music video for Italiana (J-Ax & Fedez, 78M views at the time of writing), and You Always F**k Up My High (Wilson, 64k views). Kay’s aesthetic, reputation, and deviant personality disorders has fostered a unique social network, resulting in the out-the-box aspects of Kay’s professional career and lived experience. On a personal level, Kay’s biases fall sharply in the direction of Libertarianism and Progressive Socialism. At home, she is a communist, and loves to cook for everyone. In her community, she was a socialist, but living in Eric Garcetti's Los Angeles made that impossible. In her state, she is a Democrat, but is watching it burn around her. Nationally, Kay supports common sense policy-making. She has a photographic-ish memory and has never inaccurately forecasted anything in her life, including the weather.